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Since 1991 the ReActive family of companies has been serving the NJ tri-state areas. It is with some regret we announce our closure and retirement from the IT and Business Consulting worlds, however we look back with found memories.
I have decided to retire from the corporate/IT world and chase a few new and different projects and life goals.
The "regret" I mention is due to the lack of anything new in the IT world. It's been the same old OSes and hardware for many years now, and there's been zero innovation in the industry.

Thanks to all our client's for their trust and opportunity to service your needs. You will all be missed.
We chose to work with them more than they chose to work with us. We interviewed each client, asked for past employee references, and make sure they treated their current employees with respect, honor, and fair wages as we believe any company who embraced these qualities would be a good match with our own values and always treat us fairly as well - and I was never disappointed. We were partners and always looked out for each other.
ReActive wasn't the biggest in its fields of endeavor, however we had almost zero legal issues over our 15 years of operation, were the longest lived IT company, and arguably the most successful to that point in time.

Special thanks also to all our ReActive Team members.
Without you the Network would not have been so successful or have allowed us to grow to service such a large area. There was nothing better than watching people succeed, grow, and your families blossom. I don't care what any of you say, I still believe you were ALL under paid and worked harder than any leader could have ever asked for. I owe everything that was accomplished over the years to my team. Our ideas and goals would be nothing if not for their hard work and dedication.

And to the League of Ordinary Gentlemen - You all suck!
LOG: "Let's change the world! Henry, you do X, Y, Z, and deal with all the boring business details."
Me: "Ok, I'll help. Here's some wacky ideas and how it should all flow, blah blah, but I want to be anonymous."
LOG: "Sounds good! What's your phone number again? We're going to name the group "Team 1-800-ReActive" just to piss you off and so everyone knows who the leader is. Ha!"
Lawyers: What the HELL is this group name and who the HELL is Henry!?! Can you guys even spell "NDA"?
Never stop being crazy, dictating your terms, chasing dreams, or trying to change/fix things.
It has been an honor to go the places we did, win the awards we did, change the world as we did, and most of all serve with each and every one of you.